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About Anna Prinsloo practices a variety of modalities to suit the individual needs of her clients. She has studied with various local and internationally-renowned therapists to explore progressive techniques in the field of manual bodywork and fascial release. She graduated from UCT in 2002 with a BSc in Physiotherapy. Anna has completed an internationally accredited certificate in energy healing with the School of Intuition and Healing, and she currently practices professionally as an energetic healer. She has also completed a certificate in non-medical hypnosis and a diploma in regression therapy with the Past Life Regression Academy. She is a member of the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association.

Anna practices as a sound healer. She works with sound as an agent for healing and transformation on all levels. She works one-to-one and with groups. Anna teaches sound healing classes and facilitates Sacred Sound Ceremonies in Cape Town.

Anna provides sacred music for weddings, rites of passage and memorials. These sacred sounds are an incredible blessing to these important occasions and provide a unique and sacred ambience.

Honours and awards

Distinction for Certificate in Energy Healing (School of Intuition and Healing) 2013

Magna Cum Laude with distinction for the degree and distinction in Movement Sciences (BSc Honours Physiotherapy UCT) 2002

Paget Physiotherapy Shield for the student achieving the highest academic standard during all four years of study 2002

Johannes Karl Binnewald Trophy for the top student – BSC Physiotherapy 2002

Applied Physiotherapy Class Medal 2002

Two Oceans Marathon Award awarded to the top student during 2nd and 3rd year clinical practice 2001

Chris Rodseth Shield for the best 3rd year physiotherapy student 2001

Movement Science Class Medal 2001

Applied Physiotherapy Class Medal 2001

Psychiatry Class Medal 2001

Ione Sellars Memorial Prize for the highest mark for Anatomy for all Allied Health Sciences 2000

Physiology Class Medal 2000

Physiology Practical Class Medal 2000

Anatomy for Physiotherapy Class Medal 2000

Movement Science 2nd Year Class Medal 2000

Golden Key National Honour Society(University of Cape Town) in recognition of outstanding scholastic achievement and excellence 2000